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  • 07:57:42: Naturally my bed feels extremely wonderful on a morning I can't sleep in. It even has perfect head nook and cozy spots right now. /sob.
  • 08:39:20: Going out to bellasit. oy.
  • 09:19:57: This backyard makes bellasitting 70% easier. And I get to abuse her new swingset playground. With the huuuge swirly slide. Fuck yeah.
  • 09:59:20: They have surveillance cameras in the backyard. I feel like they may be watching this later. That's how creeperish they are.
  • 10:53:23: Because of my Kidzone training, I managed to gently coerce my terrified cousin down her new kickass slide. She came out smiling. 8D
  • 10:54:13: The coercion took about 25 minutes though XD
  • 11:11:37: The whole slide ordeal stressed her out, so now she's quietly (omg) chilling in her room watching Toy Story and eating endless icees.
  • 11:13:25: I should make wearing children out psychologically a new form of babysitting science.
  • 11:47:06: Today is going soo slow.
  • 12:17:52: This slide is fun as hell. Oops my immaturity is showing.
  • 12:43:36: I legit now have a skinned knee.
  • 14:21:13: We fell asleep watching Toy Story, now I'm pretty bored but it's peaceful.
  • 18:31:28: ARGH I HATE OVERSLEEPING ON NAPS. Anyway watching GuiltyPLeasureShow now.
  • 23:37:58: Put my HD versions of kpop videos on our new HD TV. My terrible mood melted away and I'm melting into a pile of elated smitten mush.

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