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  • 14:26:22: The beyond epic TV stand of infinite amazingness has arrived. EVERYONE STEP BACK, I'M BOUT TO ASSEMBLE.
  • 17:42:59: Just called the cops on a gang fight :D :D :D #bronx #livinintheghetto
  • 18:02:31: LOL the cops seemingly left and the gangs started fighting again, THEN THEY ALL SWOOPED IN FROM ALL SIDES. It was amazing & perfect. #ghetto
  • 21:05:19: Holy sweet blooming nebula the final mounted TV product is GOD LEVEL. /sobs joyfully #isthisreallife
  • 23:29:53: I tried to kill myself in minecraft but ended up working my way out of it. Too clever, this one is, too clever indeed.

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  • 08:47:45: Hate this flip flopping the weather is doing. Screw spring, can it be autumn please?
  • 14:09:15: I just identified an asian by her voice & disposition on the phone. Pulled her application to confirm- she's Korean. #sadbutalsoimpressive
  • 16:45:44: ... why did I discover nyan cat? This is potentially caramel dansen for 6 solid hours all over again.
  • 16:46:00: I HAVE NYANED FOR 300.4 SECONDS! via @nyannyancat
  • 16:51:21: I HAVE NYANED FOR 600.3 SECONDS!( AND OH GOD I CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE. via @nyannyancat
  • 17:00:25: Martin went ravenous for puffcorn, so we walked to the Bravo down the block. Holy shit it's ghetto out there.
  • 17:03:51: Michael came with us and is now upstairs.. perfect time for some minecraftin'. I got inspired by this: SO CUTE.
  • 22:04:10: Holy shit while attempting to clean out a closet I found a beeper. A BEEPER.

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  • 08:48:09: Last night I had a dream I morphed into an 11 year old Lindsay Lohan circa Parent Trap for reasons I don't remember. wat.
  • 22:47:20: This episode is making me tear up.. I think it's lost loved one triggery.

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Dec. 15th, 2010 07:52 pm
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Here's a test post for you all to see the posted text of a post. Rawr.

Man I love this icon. Yuna <3
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This post is a work in progress! 5/14/11


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