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2011-05-15 02:28 am

From Twitter 05-14-2011

  • 10:50:46: Strawberries for breakfast :3
  • 15:43:51: 1:30pm: Ventured to the library down the block. I can't believe I've never been in here!
  • 15:44:47: Thought the library was tiny and had no selection, it did open a new quiet place option for me once writing/school comes back into my life.
  • 20:46:37: Phone rings, it's my brother. "Pick me up from the airport plz?" Me: ...The airport a few tolls and 45 minutes away? Him: Yes Me: -__-
  • 20:59:39: Lol it's 26 dollars in tolls to get there...
  • 21:17:03: My grandmother told me to tell him to call my uncle, he refused. So she told me to tell him he's fucked.

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2011-05-14 02:28 am

From Twitter 05-13-2011

  • 21:31:25: Today kicked some serious ass. Met Art Museum, Soul Eater marathon, and an impromptu supermarket hanging all with the ever awesome @teawales
  • 21:33:34: Also my phone acts like a senile old person now and that's why I couldn't tweet while on the go. Time to upgrade soon?

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2011-05-12 02:32 am

From Twitter 05-11-2011

  • 08:55:19: One of these mornings I won't burn my bagel. Then I'll be disappointed. One day.

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2011-05-10 02:30 am

From Twitter 05-09-2011

  • 08:24:46: My phone was dead all last night. But there were no fights at the family event. Success.
  • 08:44:48: Aww I hate when something small but exciting happens in a dream and you don't realize it isn't real til a while later.
  • 21:13:59: We've actually spent the afternoon doing serious cleaning and getting along. :O
  • 23:40:38: Sleepin in my living room on the air bed because the bedroom's in complete disarray. Fun fun fun.

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2011-05-09 02:21 am

From Twitter 05-08-2011

  • 00:46:47: My head smells nice now, ahh.
  • 07:52:38: Wow I forgot about miss A's May debut.
  • 09:14:59: I wish I could just float my dark cloud motherless self over to a corner and wait this holiday out without raining on any parades.
  • 10:05:12: Let the drama begin. First up: Grandmother gets upset at me for not wanting to go to a mother's day mass dedicated to my mother.
  • 13:12:14: Finished my truffles, finally. Also we're ready and I'm wearing a skirt. Yeah, it's one of those days.
  • 13:13:03: One of those days where I pretend to be someone who will make those at the party comfortable. Sighsigh.
  • 13:18:55: Now to make my grandother not mad at me..

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2011-05-08 02:18 am

From Twitter 05-07-2011

  • 12:09:19: Oh my freaking crap this skinned knee itches almost as bad at my squee-gee induced slice I am DYING.
  • 14:04:21: 146 unheard voicemail messages. 90% are my grandmother: "It's your grandmother, call me back." [facepalm]
  • 14:08:21: Freckles are awesome.
  • 17:35:11: Extreme lack of motivation, thank you brain disease.
  • 17:43:17: Scott Pilgrim as background noise while I do responsible things in the kitchen for the win.
  • 17:47:09: Making oreo truffles for Mother's day. It'll get them off my back for about 5 minutes.
  • 19:21:05: I'm in lesbians with you.
  • 22:18:47: Melting the almond bark to dip mah truffles in.
  • 22:40:27: "The only straight I am is straight up bitch." My mind = blown.

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2011-05-07 02:19 am

From Twitter 05-06-2011

  • 07:57:42: Naturally my bed feels extremely wonderful on a morning I can't sleep in. It even has perfect head nook and cozy spots right now. /sob.
  • 08:39:20: Going out to bellasit. oy.
  • 09:19:57: This backyard makes bellasitting 70% easier. And I get to abuse her new swingset playground. With the huuuge swirly slide. Fuck yeah.
  • 09:59:20: They have surveillance cameras in the backyard. I feel like they may be watching this later. That's how creeperish they are.
  • 10:53:23: Because of my Kidzone training, I managed to gently coerce my terrified cousin down her new kickass slide. She came out smiling. 8D
  • 10:54:13: The coercion took about 25 minutes though XD
  • 11:11:37: The whole slide ordeal stressed her out, so now she's quietly (omg) chilling in her room watching Toy Story and eating endless icees.
  • 11:13:25: I should make wearing children out psychologically a new form of babysitting science.
  • 11:47:06: Today is going soo slow.
  • 12:17:52: This slide is fun as hell. Oops my immaturity is showing.
  • 12:43:36: I legit now have a skinned knee.
  • 14:21:13: We fell asleep watching Toy Story, now I'm pretty bored but it's peaceful.
  • 18:31:28: ARGH I HATE OVERSLEEPING ON NAPS. Anyway watching GuiltyPLeasureShow now.
  • 23:37:58: Put my HD versions of kpop videos on our new HD TV. My terrible mood melted away and I'm melting into a pile of elated smitten mush.

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2011-05-06 02:20 am

From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 08:29:05: Why do I always burn my bagels, holy crap.
  • 09:02:54: I hate leaving home feeling like I'm missing something.
  • 09:12:31: Feck, my cough came back.
  • 14:25:50: Evolving out of dull work clothes and into badass wear for my excursion to Riverdale Diner with @teawales. WAFFLE FRIES HERE I COME. 8D
  • 15:13:52: Decided against taking my car. Now on the bus, and someone is unintelligibly ..rapping? next to me. fffff.
  • 16:13:44: "Is that the girl I sent the porn notification to?"
  • 20:07:34: I'm now thinking in portals.
  • 23:31:21: My hands have fondled another controller. #PS3 forgive me, but #Xbox gave me something you could never. Portal. And it was amazing.
  • 23:50:38: @SpocksKatra #themoreyouknow moment

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2011-05-04 02:19 am

From Twitter 05-03-2011

  • 08:55:04: I love long pressing things on #android #simplepleasures
  • 09:13:54: Holy shit yesterday was my uncle's 2 yr wedding anniversary and that trip to New York for the weddding was a huge era in my life.
  • 09:34:58: I love you trees and beautiful full green leaves!
  • 11:22:33: I love how easy my job is. I don't love how my brain decides to spend its idle time concocting terrible theories about me.
  • 14:27:59: I love the fountain of energy that springs to life within me once I get out of that office at 2pm.
  • 14:43:16: I love how even the mail sent from a New York government agency is run down and ghetto looking.
  • 15:48:40: I love morally corrupt jokesters on the internet and their take on the current situation. I clearly have no soul.
  • 23:25:02: My hair is full of lies. That's why its so big.

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2011-05-03 02:20 am

From Twitter 05-02-2011

  • 21:57:58: Where did you come from cotton eyed joe.
  • 21:58:56: Yeah I'm kind of at a loss for words with my life right now, but not in an emo way just in an apathetic waiting for something to happen way.
  • 22:00:38: Also: I miss you! Come back please.
  • 23:21:36: @SpocksKatra The sentiment, though it was made in jest, is appreciated <3

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2011-05-02 02:24 am

From Twitter 05-01-2011

  • 12:14:22: For the first time since I moved to new york, I can breathe out of both nostrils! It's probably temporary but I'll take it, shoot.
  • 12:15:32: Wishful thought: that this cold would take back the sinusitis I've had since I first got a cold in January.

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2011-05-01 02:18 am

From Twitter 04-30-2011

  • 13:49:49: COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH. ugh.
  • 14:28:09: Now that I'm not preoccupied with how sick I am, I'm pretty damn bored.

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2011-04-30 02:18 am

From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 11:10:28: I am so very congested.
  • 18:53:19: I've been runny all day. Also, I've been reading and napping all day.

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2011-04-29 02:20 am

From Twitter 04-28-2011

  • 08:21:18: Whyyyy do I have to be sick?
  • 08:41:46: Fuck it, not gonna kill myself getting to work when I could be getting better. I'm pretty glad I have the luxury to choose that option.
  • 08:46:19: Grandmother: "If you'd taken the penicillin I offered you last night you would have felt better." ... why does she have that laying around?
  • 08:46:41: Solution: My grandmother is a drug dealer.
  • 16:15:16: I want my mommy.
  • 20:11:35: Downloading a movie so I can lay in my sickness and watch it. I slept 18 hours and still feel like a dying sore lump of sick.

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2011-04-28 02:19 am

From Twitter 04-27-2011

  • 00:20:12: It's all fun and games til you can't taste a jelly bean.
  • 23:38:47: Mixed nyquil with buckley's, I hope I don't mutate.

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2011-04-27 02:22 am

From Twitter 04-26-2011

  • 08:58:56: UGH I just remembered Dawn told me I'd be making phone calls all day. FML I'd rather do a Fievel's 4-spot rotation during the summer.
  • 09:15:06: Some slow fuck was in front of me going literally 10 mph the whole half mile to work. I am sufficiently annoyed now.

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2011-04-26 02:19 am

From Twitter 04-25-2011

  • 14:30:37: Adventuring to walmart after a dull dull day at work.
  • 19:26:58: Cici's pizza to wait out rush hour! Success?
  • 21:03:24: There was a cop road block that we were first in line for. We were so confused and scared omg.
  • 21:04:04: Not that we've been illegally driving around without insurance or anything, of course.
  • 22:39:52: Ahaha the lady at wal-mart gave me half off two baskets that were already halved off. Sneakwin.

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2011-04-25 02:23 am

From Twitter 04-24-2011

  • 13:47:21: Omg at my uncles for egg chocolate day. Oyyyyy
  • 13:54:21: My grandmother is an endless raging ball of negativity holy shit.
  • 14:11:52: Unfounded weather complaints (eg 'its sooo hot' in 70 degree weather) are like my second biggest pet peeve. RAWR.
  • 14:15:54: Grandma: "Yeah you're getting FAT." Me: "gee.... thanks." Grandma: "Well that's what I'm here for, to tell you you're fat."
  • 14:19:40: My grandmother is a pastelito ninja. She is literally hiding a stash in her purse.
  • 14:22:59: @theoryoferin ohgod I'm getting traumatic memories of smoldering 110 degree weather in the sunlight.
  • 15:14:46: You can literally see the divide in this family. Jasmine & her multitude of family upstairs, my uncle & his handful of relateds downstairs.
  • 15:16:38: Upstairs it's loud boisterous and insane, downstairs it's quiet and boring. Neither party is happy.
  • 16:53:23: Nothing like family to remind you of your resemblance to a whale/an O etc.
  • 17:46:02: I hate society and its norms.
  • 18:15:59: Kill me plz.
  • 19:22:08: finally, FINALLY home.
  • 19:23:19: My brain hurts from all the stupid I was exposed to today. Radiation's got nothing on stupid judgmental ethnocentrism.

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2011-04-24 02:19 am

From Twitter 04-23-2011

  • 00:56:08: Woman yelling at man on the street: "HE A BITCH CUZ YOU A BITCH, HE A BITCH CUZ HIS SPERM DONOR A BITCH" She has two kids with her. Ugh
  • 01:01:51: And now we have gangfight part deux. Only it was much smaller than last night's so no cops were called. #livinintheghetto
  • 01:02:55: Several young males jumped an older guy after the older guy smashed a drink into Alpha young male's face in response to verbal altercation.
  • 14:45:48: KAIJI SAN.
  • 14:47:25: When eating m&ms I sometimes arrange them in a picturesque pattern and eat them off symmetrically, leaving my favorite colors for last.
  • 14:51:18: There is no anxiety or worry a scalding shower can't temporarily fix! Unless said anxiety/worry pertains to steam, heat, or general wetness.
  • 19:32:27: Damn my boobs for being too big for this T-shirt I just saw. GRR.
  • 23:44:45: Martin just spent two hours fighting a boss battle in Force Unleashed on Sith Mode. homg.
  • 23:54:47: I am humming Night of Fate from Kingdom Hearts for no reason.

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2011-04-23 02:20 am

From Twitter 04-22-2011

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